Book Weekend – Nests

JacketTYVTNTD3Spring is sneaking up, and the bird are getting ready.  Two new books are ready for readers to enjoy in our libraries!

Mama Built A Little Nest by Jennifer Ward, describes in simple rhyming words, the different types of nests built by different types of birds.  Steve Jenkins, a Caldecott Honoree, uses cut out water-painted images to recreate the feel of feathers and twigs.

Nest by Jorey Hurley follows the a cycle of bird born in spring through-out the seasons.  Using crisp, vibrant artwork with minimal words, the story follows one bird as she is born in a nest, through her enjoyment of the season, until the next spring when she has found a mate to make another nest with.




March Madness

It’s time for March Madness.  When you’re not cheering on your favorite team, shoot some hoops.  If it is still too cool outside to enjoy the real deal, create this court and rack up some points.


Dribble your way to the library to pick up these books and more!


The Basket Ball by Esmé Raji Codell
Lulu prefers playing basketball to playing with dolls. So when the boys won’t let her join their school-yard team, she decides to host a Basket Ball–where ball gowns are traded in for sequined basketball jerseys and high-top heels! Girls travel from all over the world to attend the ball, shooting hoops, showing off their skills, and forming a league of their own.

Dino-Basketball by Lisa Wheeler
When the plant-chewing Grass Clippers face the red-toothed Meat on the basketball court, it’s a showdown of pre-hysteric proportions. Herbivores and carnivores face off in a close game that includes dunks, alley-oops, and, of course, celebrity dinos with courtside seats.

Dream Big: Michael Jordan and the Pursuit of Olympic Gold by Deloris Jordan
Long before he became a professional All-Star basketball player, Michael Jordan had dreams of winning an Olympic gold medal—and with dedication and perseverance, that’s exactly what he did. This heartwarming picture book gives a rare glimpse into a sports hero’s childhood and emphasizes the role that good values play in success.

Home Court by Amar’e Stoudemire
When an older group of boys start bullying his friends on the basketball court, eleven-year old Amar’e is forced to step in and use his athletic ability and intelligence to save the day. He realizes basketball is his true passion. Based on the life of All-Star NBA sensation Amar’e Stoudemire, who overcame many obstacles to become one of the most popular figures in sports today.

Rimshots: Basketball Pix, Rolls, and Rhythms by Charles R. Smith, Jr.
The power, strength, and determination of the game of basketball are captured in striking photographs and sizzling stories, poems, and personal reflections. From frustration to humor, joy, and triumph, this streetwise look at a favorite American pastime conveys all the passion and excitement of the sport.

This Week at the St. Louis Public Library (March 24, 2014 – March 30, 2014)

Join us for some of these great programs at your favorite St. Louis Public Library locations all week long:

Ready for a story? Join us for storytime:

  • Monday at Machacek and Kingshighway Branches
  • Wednesday at Buder and Carpenter Branches
  • Thursday at Buder Branch
  • Friday at Central Library

Ready to make something awesome?

  • March Madness at Kingshighway, Art & You: Freestyle your Creativity at Julia Davis, and STEM Kids: Hovercraft at Central on Monday
  • Votive Candle Holders at Kingshighway and Fish Races at Schlafly on Thursday
  • Youth Art Night at Divoll on Friday
  • Healthy Food Choices at Buder, Central, Julia Davis and Schlafly on Saturday

Feeling competitive?

  • Game Time: Scene It, Jr. at Schlafly on Tuesday
  • Got Game? at Cabanne and Cupcake Wars at Barr and Julia Davis on Wednesday
  • Got Game? at Baden on Thursday

Want to relax and enjoy a movie?

  • Family Movie Day at Baden on Wednesday
  • Pokémon the First Movie at Barr and Hop at Carondelet and  on Thursday
  • Friday Family Films: Wreck it Ralph at Central on Friday

Have a Great Week!

Be a Star!

With a little creativity, kids can create a cast of characters from a few simple supplies. These popsicle stick people can be used for imaginative play or a spectacular puppet show!  Instructions and supply list available at Step By Step.


Experience the highs and lows of celebrity through these books about creative expression, costumes and all that comes with stardom:


The Cruisers: A Star is Born by Walter Dean Myers
Zander’s play, Act Six, brings Da Vinci Academy into the spotlight, especially when LaShonda’s costume designs win her an opportunity she can accept only if she is willing to leave her autistic brother and their group home behind.

Alexander Anteater’s Amazing Act by Barbara deBartis
With help from his friends Anna and Albert, Alexander Anteater works on a truly amazing acrobatic act for the talent show at Alpha Betty’s school.

Katie Woo: Star of the Show by Fran Manushkin
Katie is sad when she is cast as an earthworm in her school play, because that means she cannot be the star.

Celestine: Drama Queen by Penny Ives 
Celestine the duck is sure that she is destined for stardom, but when her big break comes, she is temporarily stricken with stage fright.

Fancy Nancy: The Show Must Go On by Jane O’ Connor
Nancy, who likes to use fancy words, is dismayed to be partnered with her shy classmate Lionel for the school talent show, until she comes up with an act perfectly suited for both of them.

Spectacular Spuds

Part science project and part cute craft, potato sprout people are simply potatoes with toothpicks decorated like boots, hats and gloves poked inside! Once decorated, you can make the potatoes sprout by placing them in water. Learn how now! Instructions and template can be found at PBS Parents.


Get into the spirit of Culinary Month while also giving a nod to Ireland’s favorite root vegetable with these fun, potato-themed books!


Potato Joe by Keith Baker
Potato Joe leads the other spuds from the familiar nursery rhyme, “One Potato, Two Potato” in various activities, from a game of tic-tac-toe to a rodeo.

Little Sweet Potato by Amy Beth Bloom
When Little Sweet Potato gets knocked out of his garden patch, he is forced to search for a new home.

One Potato, Two Potato by Todd H. Doodler
See what happens when a lot of potatoes show up at Mr. Potato’s house for his birthday party.

Brave Potatoes by Toby Speed
Potatoes set off across the darkened fair grounds to enjoy the rides, but Hackemup the chef has other plans for them.

Two Old Potatoes and Me by John Coy
After a young girl finds two old potatoes at her father’s house, she and her dad plant and tend them to see if they will have new potatoes in September.

This Week at the St. Louis Public Library (March 17, 2014 – March 23, 2014)

Join us for some of these great programs at your favorite St. Louis Public Library locations all week long:

Ready for a story? Join us for storytime:

  • Monday at Baden, Machacek, and Kingshighway Branches
  • Tuesday at Buder Branch
  • Wednesday at Buder and Julia Davis Branches
  • Thursday at Buder and Schlafly Branches
  • Friday at Central Library

Ready to make something awesome?

  • Collage: Celebrating Women of Character, Courage and Commitment at Julia Davis and Pot O’ Green Planter at Walnut Park on Monday
  • Alien Invaders at Barr and Designs by Diaja at Baden on Tuesday
  • Spring Break Madness: Crazy Collages at Divoll, Cherry Blossoms at Central and Cupcake Wars at Walnut Park on Wednesday
  • Plastic Lid Ladybugs at Buder, Button Beings at Carondelet and Spring Flowers at Machacek on Thursday
  • Spring Break Madness: Cupcake Wars at Divoll on Friday
  • Healthy Food Choices at Buder, Julia Davis and Schlafly on Saturday

Feeling competitive?

  • Spring Break Madness: Board Game Bonanza at Divoll and Fear Factor Food at Kingshighway on Tuesday
  • Game on! At Julia Davis and Got Game? at Walnut Park on Thursday

Feel like celebrating?

  • St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt at Barr, Spring Break Madness: Green Party at Divoll, and St. Patrick’s Day Party at Buder on Monday
  • Girl Power Party at Central on Saturday

Want to relax and enjoy a movie?

  • Movie Mania: Tangled at Carpenter on Thursday
  • Friday Family Films: Space Jam at Central on Friday

Have a Great Week!

You Are What You Eat

March is culinary month at the Library! Rotting food might look gross, but foods that don’t decompose are often full of preservatives and other chemicals that may not be good for your health.

Five branches are currently running an experiment with the intent of finding how quickly (or slowly) meals purchased from five fast food restaurants will decompose. All meals were purchased on February 28th. Visit any of the libraries listed below (or Julia Davis Branch) to see in person how the meals are doing, or check back here at the end of the month for photo updates!