Big Bug Surprise

Prunella has a problem! She likes to talk about her favorite thing – bugs – but no one wants to listen. Until one day …. Read about Prunella’s amazing solution to a swarm of bees in her classroom. This story teaches fun facts about bugs and keeps kids focused on what’s going to happen next. Worked well in K-2nd grade classrooms, and even a pre-school!

–Beth Scandrett-Leatherman


Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue

This is a fun movie with some deep moral teaching behind the screen. With little faith and magic from, Bradley Raymond, the director of this movie, helps our young audience into this wondrous world of fairies. The rule in Pixie Hollow is that all fairies must not have any contact with humans. After Tinker Bell went to mainland, she got curious and wanted to explore the fascinated world of humans. Despite the warning of fellow fairy, Vidia, Tinker Bell still wanted to learn all about humans. Soon, Lizzy, a human girl, captured Tinker inside a cardboard cottage. Dr. Griffiths, who is Lizzy’s father and a scientist. Lizzy knew that if her father found Tinker, he would turn Tinker into one of his specimens. Lizzy decided to keep Tinker as a secret.

–Adeline Chow

Thanksgiving Traditions: Respecting Differences

“Respecting differences” is an alternative to the traditional Thanksgiving theme for 4th & 5th graders. Three picture books worked for this level: Mr. Lincoln’s Way by Patricia Polacco, The Worm Family by Tony Johnston, and The Araboolies of Liberty Street by Samuel Swope.

–Beth Scandrett-Leatherman