Summer Vacation Adventures

Spend the last few weeks of summer vacations with these kids and their real life adventures. 

In Missing On Superstition Mountian by Elise Broach, three brothers go looking for their missing cat and discover a history of mysterious dissapperances all connected with the strange mountain at the edge of their town.



The Penderwicks at Pointe Mouette by Jeane Birdsall finds the Penderwick girls without their father, who’s honeymooning with their new stepmother, and without their oldest sisters, who’s traveling with a friend. But a summer in Maine with their Aunt Claire brings the three girls new friends, new talents and some surprising discoveries.




Art Is All Around

As you already know, St. Louis is full of many awesome, free, and family-friendly attractions.  Have you scoped out Family Sundays at the St. Louis Art Museum yet?  Escape the summer heat, create some art, and get a tour around the galleries.  How very cool is that?

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Get ready for your visit with a few books from SLPL:

  • Speaking of Art (Bob Raczka, editor) pairs quotes from famous artists with their work, which can inspire big ideas and discussions with your children about art, creativity, and more.
  • Dave the Potter (Laban Carrick Hill) pieces together the story of a man who created beautiful pottery and poetry in spite his enslavement.
  • And Picasso Painted Guernica (Alain Serres) looks at the events surrounding Picasso’s evocative masterpiece and the process necessary in producing such a massive–in both size and meaning–painting.
  • Finally, get an idea of what it takes to get an ancient artifact to the museum: How the Sphinx Got to the Museum (Jesse Hartland) takes the reader step-by-step to see the people involved in the journey–from how Queen Hatshepsut ordered the creation of the sphinxes to the curator giving a guided tour to a school group in New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.