Food for Thought

It’s Culinary Month at the St. Louis Public Library. Drop in this week to check out these and other books about food.


The United States Cookbook: Fabulous Foods and Fascinating Facts from all 50 States by Joan D’Amico and Karen Eich Drummond
Take a tasty tour of America s 50 states. The United States Cookbook is a delicious mixture of fun food trivia, fascinating tidbits about each state’s history and traditions, and yummy recipes you can cook yourself. What a great way to stuff your face and feed your brain at the same time!

What Food is This? by Rosemarie Hausherr
Discusses, in question-and-answer format, eighteen different foods representing the four food groups and provides additional information on nutrition, healthy eating habits, and meal preparation with kids in mind.

Hold the anchovies!: A Book about Pizza by Shelley Rotner & Julia Pemberton Hellums
Describes the ingredients that are used to make a pizza, where each comes from, and how they are used to prepare final product. Includes recipe.

Sweet!: The Delicious Story of Candy by Ann Love & Jane Drake
Learn about primal sweets — from honey, sweet milk, and nuts to sugar candy, chocolate, and “sweet” stories of success. Sweet! From cravings to the scoop on ice cream, Ann Love and Jane Drake present a comprehensive and irresistible story of candy through the ages, complemented by a detailed timeline and playful illustrations from artist Claudia Dávila.

Writers in the Kitchen: Children’s Book Authors Share Memories of their Favorite Recipes compiled by Tricia Gardella
Here are nearly two hundred recipes from over one hundred fifty writers, including appetizers, entrees, and desserts. But this is much more than a recipe book. Even when they cook, writers love to tell stories. Each delicious recipe is accompanied by an equally delicious anecdote.

Before heading into the kitchen, let kids express themselves by decorating chef’s hats. Instructions can be found at



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