Lego online games for kids

Kids of all ages love the games available at Check out the fun, interactive bedtime stories for preschoolers. “Read and Build” allows pre-schoolers to create their own story as they build with blocks. Lego also has popular games for older builders; “Forest Ambush Game” is particularly popular here at the library!

Duplo read and build game



Look, We Know It’s Not “Officially” Winter Yet…

…but it is December, and we’re ready for some snow! Aren’t you? Since Mother Nature doesn’t seem ready to cooperate, here are two great craft activities so that you can make “snowflakes” in the comfort of your own home. Just click either photo to get started.

Sparkling Ice Crystals


You’ll need pipe cleaners, beads, fishing line, and pompoms

Borax Crystal Snowflakes

crystalsnow1You’ll need string, pipe cleaners, a jar, Borax, water, a heat source, and a pencil.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!