Public Performance DVDs at Your Library

Teachers, school counselors, and school librarians of all grade levels! Each year we add to our collection of public performance DVDs (DVDs you can use in the classroom setting as teaching tools). Come to our private viewing of clips from some of the movies and learn how to use the collection to your advantage in the classroom.  Join us in Central’s auditorium on February 5th from 4:30-6:00 pm.

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Happy Chinese New Year!

This year Chinese New Year is on Jan 31st. Celebrate the Year of the Horse with books from the library and by making a beautiful Chinese paper lantern! Instructions can be found at Spoonful.


Visit Buder branch to see their window mural celebrating Chinese New Year!


While you’re at the library, check out some of these great books!


My First Chinese New Year by Karen Katz
A girl and her family prepare for and celebrate Chinese New Year.

Happy Chinese New Year, Kai-lan!  adapted by Lauryn Silverhardt
Join Kai-lan for a Chinese New Year celebration! Kai-lan and her friends get to carry the dragon costume in the big parade– but can they work together to make the dragon dance?

The Runaway Wok: A Chinese New Year Tale by Ying Chang Compestine
On Chinese New Year’s Eve, a poor man who works for the richest businessman in Beijing sends his son to market to trade their last few eggs for a bag of rice, but instead he brings home an empty–but magic–wok that changes their fortunes forever.

The Day the Dragon Danced by Kay Haugaard
An African American girl takes her grandmother to watch the Chinese New Year’s parade where her father is a member of the dragon dance troupe.

Bringing in the New Year by Grace Lin
A Chinese American family prepares for and celebrates the Lunar New Year.

Bundle Up!

With these temperatures, every piece of winter clothing is appropriate, including earmuffs! Check out this and other winter crafts at My Creative Life.


Once you’re back inside where it’s warm, share these books about winter clothing.


Mrs. Toggle’s Zipper, by Robin Pulver
When Mrs. Toggle’s zipper sticks and traps her inside her coat, everyone in the school tries to free her but with little success.

Do You Have a Hat? By Eileen Spinelli
A fancy hat. A hat that’s plain. A hat for keeping off the rain. A glowing hat. A hat with fruit. A hat for that new dress or suit. All herein have hats, it’s true –fantastic, magnificent hats! Do you? What do Spanish painter Francisco de Goya, Russian-American composer Igor Stravinsky, South American entertainer Carmen Miranda, African-American cowboy Nat Love, and President Abraham Lincoln have in common? HATS! Unique, distinctive, wonderful hats!

The Jacket I Wear in the Snow, by Shirley Neitzel
A young girl names all the clothes that she must wear to play in the snow.

The Mitten Tree, by Candace Christiansen
Old Sarah knits mittens for all the children waiting for the school bus and hangs them on the tree in her front yard.

A New Coat for Anna, by Harriet Ziefert

Lacking money following World War II, a mother barters with local artisans to secure a badly needed winter coat for her daughter Anna.

This Week at the St. Louis Public Library (Jan. 27, 2014 – Feb. 2, 2014)

Join us for some of these great programs at your favorite St. Louis Public Library locations all week long:

Ready for a story? Join us for storytime:

  • Monday at Machacek, Kingshighway, and Walnut Park Branches
  • Tuesday Buder at Branch
  • Thursday Buder at Branch
  • Friday at Central Library

Celebrate the Chinese New Year:

  • Hurray for Horses! at Kingshighway on Tuesday
  • Year of the Horse at Buder, Asian New Year Party at Divoll, Gung Hay Fat Choy at Machacek and Asian New Year Celebration at Carpenter on Thursday

Feel like celebrating?

  • Annual Baden Branch Midwinter Luau on Thursday

Ready to make something awesome?

  • Sparkling Ice Crystals at Carondelet on Tuesday
  • Snowman Toss and Catch at Central, Printmaking at Julia Davis and Black History Month Quilt Blocks at Buder on Wednesday
  • Drawn to Civil Rights: Learn to Draw! and Art Reception at Walnut Park on Saturday

Sing your heart out:

  • Karaoke at Schlafly on Tuesday

Want to relax and enjoy a movie?

  • Family Movie Day at Baden and Black History Month Film Series at Buder on Wednesday
  • Friday Family Films at Central on Friday

Have a Great Week!

Book Weekend – MO Children’s Choice Awards

building-blockThe Missouri Building Block Picture Book Award is chosen by school age children from around the state each year.  Kids in school or library storytimes select from a group of best titles, nominated by teachers and librarians.  These bright fun picture books burst with appealing stories and memorable characters.

This year’s winner is the lovable Pete the Cat and his Four Groovy Buttons, by Eric Litwin and illustrated by James Dean.petethecat4groovy  Pete loves the buttons on his new coat so much. He goes rolling along, and singing his song.  But as the buttons pop off, one by one, does Pete cry?  Goodness – No!

Kids love the bright pictures, the easy rhythm of the text, and the unflappable calm of this cool cat when faced with personal calamity.

Look for other books about Pete the Cat in the picture book section.  And if your kids don’t already know the song, go online to listen and sing along!

itsatigerIt’s a Tiger! by David LaRochelle won second place.  A child reading a story naturally imagines himself into the book.  But look out!  There’s a tiger lurking behind every page.

Third place was a three-way tie between these books:

catsecretsCat Secrets by Jef Czekej

Duckling Gets a Cookie?! by Mo Willems

I’m Bored by Micheal Black


This Week at the St. Louis Public Library (Jan. 20, 2014 – Jan. 26, 2014)

All SLPL locations will be closed on Monday, January 20th in observance of Martin Luther King Day.  Join us for some of these great programs during the rest of the week at your favorite St. Louis Public Library location:

Ready for a story? Join us for storytime:

  • Tuesday at Buder Branch
  • Wednesday at Buder, Carpenter, and Julia Davis Branches
  • Thursday at Buder Branch
  • Friday at Central Library

Feeling competitive?

  • Traditional Chinese Game Night at Barr on Wednesday
  • Video games at Baden and board games at Julia Davis on Thursday

Ready to make something awesome?

  • Warm and Fuzzy at Baden, Unity Wreathes at Walnut Park, and Penguin Parade at Kingshighway on Tuesday
  • STEM Kids: DIY Birdfeeder at Central and Black History Month Quilt Blocks at Buder on Wednesday
  • Family Night: Chinese New Year at Schlafly on Thursday

Want to relax and enjoy a movie?

  • Black History Month Film Series: To Kill a Mockingbird at Buder on Wednesday
  • Family Movie at Barr and Carondelet on Thursday
  • Friday Family Films at Central on Friday

Have a Great Week!

Puppetfest 2013 at Buder

On November 16th, The Puppet Guild of Greater St. Louis returned to Buder Branch for its annual Puppetfest. Papa & Jackie Wright started the show by allowing children to come up and try moving puppets.


fingers2Papa and Jacquelyn Wright’s Storytime Puppets performed “Three Billy Goats Gruff Meet the Mysterious Creature.” The Mysterious Creature was looking for something besides goats to eat, and sampled a few childrens’ fingers!

Children had the opportunity to make troll puppets during a workshop led by Dan Romano.

To end Puppetfest 2013, Michelle Myers O’Donnell Gulick and Stan Gulick’s Peppy Puppet Troupe performed a (nonscary) version of “Little Red Riding Hood” (which had a happy ending for everybody!)