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Book Weekend – Delicious Counting!

BigOne Big Salad: a Delicious Counting Book by  Juana Medina.

The salad starts with 1 Avocado. The crisp color photo has thick black ink lines of a drawn animal, creating a large nosed elk.  Then comes the romance lettuce, with added faces and tails of friendly dogs.  The radicchio leaves become curious lions, and the walnuts buzz like bees.  The clementine slices roll and pounce like kittens.  Soon the salad is tossed and done, ready for a light dressing, recipe included on the back cover.

Preschoolers will love this playful counting book, while older children will be inspired to look at the produce section anew!

Book Weekend – Girl Vs. Bear

bearHorrible Bear! by Ame Dyckman

A red-haired girl ventures into a cave to rescue her missing kite.  Then CRUNCH!  The bear rolls over and breaks the kite in his sleep.  HORRIBLE BEAR! the girl yells, and stomps all the way home.

I’m not horrible; she’s the one who woke me up! thinks the bear.  Anger, revenge, retribution all roll down the hill with the running bear, knocking aside the other forest animals.  But when he arrives at her house, he’s left speechless by the girl – who opens the door with an unexpected apology.

The point of view shift between the bear and the girl give young readers a way to empathize with both sides.  Kids and adults  are left to ponder the nature of right and wrong.

Book Weekend – Old But New Again

dead The Dead Bird, by Margaret Wise Brown.

In the last 1950’s, the classic picture book author Margaret Wise Brown wrote a gentle tender story about a 4 children saying good bye to the dead bird they had just met.

Over half a century later, a new artist, Christian Robinson, has reimagined this tale of ritual and renewal.    Bright colorful brushstrokes and geometric shapes give the artwork a retro mid-century feel that’s fitting to the author’s era.  Yet the diverse cast of children playing in a city park with their dog feel at home with 21st century readers.  This power of Robinson’s art lies also in shifts in perspective, from away in the tree branches, to up-close to the children’s faces.  The most powerful scenes only use patterns give the readers room to process this weighty story.

Book Weekend


farmOn the Farm, At the Market by Brian Karas reveals the struggle and joy of being a small scale farmer.  Where does the mushrooms, cheese and vegetables on sale come from?  What daily chores need doing?  At the end of the week, market day dawns with entertainment and shopping.  A chef buys from each staff, creating a co-operative meal shared by all!


Book Weekend – Go Outside!

OutsideBreak free of schedules and homework — and play outside!

Bringing the Outside In by Mary Siddals entreats children to explore a world of dirt and puddles, sun and wind.  The gentle rhymes follow the pack of 4 children through the seasons, exploring, discovering, and eventually cleaning up again.

The soft illustrations by Patrice Barton bring the smell of rain and the gentle breezes of spring lifting off the page.  This bedtime book will inspire adventures for the whole weekend.