It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity…

No, it is the heat. St. Louis would love some humidity in the air right now, especially in the form of some nice cool rain. For those of you who have been in the air-conditioned indoors the last few days–STAY THERE! It is, and will be H-O-T for a while. For those of you who need some good ol’ Vitamin D from the sun, here’s a great way to keep cool and wet with no rain in the forecast:

Make your own spongeballs!

You’ll need:

  • Four kitchen sponges
  • Dental Floss
  • Scissors
  • All the water you can handle…

Ready to get started? you’ll find handy-dandy step by step instructions here.

Have fun and stay cool. Remember, the St. Louis Public Library has plenty of “cool” things to do all summer long. Stop by and beat the heat with us.


Keep that Brain Engaged!

During the summer it is important that children continue to stimulate their brains in order to retain the information they acquired the previous school year and to be ready for the coming academic term. Riddles, puzzles and fun facts are an entertaining way to keep the brain active. The following list of books of riddles, puzzles, and fun facts can be found, along with many more, at your St. Louis Public Library!

Let’s Go in the Funny Zone by Gary Chmielewski

What Do You Hear When Cows Sing? And Other Silly Riddles by Marco and Giulio Maestro

Shanna’s Animal Riddles by Jean Marzollo

C D B by William Steig.

Where’s Waldo? The Great Picture Hunt by Martin Handford

Spot the Differences–Brain-Teasing Picture Puzzles by Steven Rosen

The Curious Book of Mind-Boggling Teasers, Tricks, Puzzles, and Games by Charles Barry Townsend

Need some more? If you are interested in creating your own crossword puzzles and word searches you can do so at!

This Week at the St. Louis Public Library (June 24-30, 2012)

We have another great week lined up at the St. Louis Public Library! There will be more than dozen programs in at least ten Branches for school-aged kids and we would love for you to join us!

Here are some of the happenings this week especially for YOU:

  • Test those vocal chords at Schlafly Branch on Tuesday, June 26–it’s karaoke time!
  • Make a dreamcatcher at the Cabanne Branch Wednesday afternoon on June 27th.
  • Design your own milk jug mummy on Thursday, June 28 with Carpenter Branch staff
  • Wrap up the week with Walnut Park and watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Pt 1 on Friday.

We’ll also be visiting with zoo animals, testing science experiments, watching movies, and more. Grab your Summer Reading Club guide and join us today!

And remember, keep up with those reading logs! We want to know what you’re reading and enjoying this summer… drop by and tell us about your favorites.


C is for Counting Cookies

Who doesn’t love cookies? we can’t think of anyone.. Who doesn’t love math? Well, unfortunately we can think of more than a few people…

Why not use cookies to help develop great math practice skills? This is an easy craft, and cookies can be used for addition and subtraction, as well as multiplication and division when the budding mathematician is ready.

What you’ll need:

  • Brown construction paper
  • Black construction paper
  • Single Hole Punch
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors

What you’ll do:

  1. Cut the brown construction paper into cookie shapes (as many digits as your youngster is ready for)
  2. With the hole punch, punch out as many  circles from the black construction paper as you have cookies. (1 punch for Cookie #1, 2 punches for cookie #2, three punches for #3, and so on…)
  3. With th glue stick, glue said punched circles onto each corresponding cookie.

Wa-La! Counting Cookies!

Use them as a great skill builder to keep your child’s brain sharp over summer vacation. Add, subtract, multiple, and divide all the “chocolate chips” possible.

Giants Beware!

Enjoy this long (202 pages!) graphic novel with the 2nd and 3rd graders in your life! It is full of suspense and scary characters. Claudette, her little brother, Gaston, and Claudette’s best friend, Marie, set off to slay a giant. Join them in this wild adventure! Written by Jorge Aguirre and illustrated by Rafael Rosado, Giants Beware! makes a great bridge for reluctant readers to attack bigger books rather than remain with traditional picture books.

This Week at the St. Louis Public Library (June 17-23, 2012)

Summer Reading Club 2012 is in full swing! Remember, after you complete the program, each orange card you turn in is an additional chance to win the Branch and grand prizes!

Need to give your eyes a rest from all that reading you have been doing? Join us for some awesome events all week. Here is a sample of what you can do:

  • Watch Aladdin and make your own magic lamp at the Baden Branch on Monday
  • Create your own “twinkle little star” at Barr Branch on Tuesday
  • Explore science with the Magic House at Julia Davis Branch on Wednesday
  • Make a dreamcatcher Thursday afternoon at Buder Branch
  • Enjoy The Lion King on Friday afternoon at Walnut Park Branch

That’s not enough? Okay! There are a dozen other events, programs, and acitivies in which you can take part. Visit your favorite Branch and pick up a copy of the 2012 St. Louis Public Library Summer Reading Club Activity Guide to learn more!

We hope you’ll join us.


Puzzled about what to get Dad for Fathers’ Day?

How about a puzzle?

Using heavy cardstock, poster board, or white cardboard, draw a picture of some things that you love doing with Dad. Don’t forget to write a clever message like “I love you to pieces.”

All finished? Great. Turn the project over and draw interlocking puzzle pieces on the back. Remember: The smaller the sizes and the more pieces there are, the harder this gift will be to put back together.

With scissors, carefully cut each piece out individually. Have an adult help if need be. Place all the pieces in a box or an envelope and give it to Dad along with a big hug.

Keep in mind that Dad is a bit older than last year, and he may need your help to complete the puzzle!