Book Weekend – Ocean Bottles

bottleWho finds those bottles that are thrown into the ocean?  Who reads what’s hidden inside and delivers the message?

The Uncorker of Ocean Bottles, Michelle Cuevas has written as quite picture book about the person whose job it is to fish out the bottles and uncork the slips of paper.  One day, he’s faced with a mystery – a note with no address!  He goes around his town, asking the baker, the florist, and others, but finds no answer.  The last pages reveal a surprise, that brings closure to the man’s lonely heart, while leaving the mystery obearpen to interpretation by young readers.

Erin Stead has won awards for her art, and in this book, she uses a limited range of colors to give the story a cool autumnal feel.  And while the text never mentions any animals, Stead includes a friendly cat who sometimes follows the man on his delivery routes.   Ask for her other books, including Bear Has a Story to Tell by Phillip Stead, for a gentle fall bedtime read.



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