Book Weekend – Mother Goose

MAYBEYoung children are enchanted by the  poems of Mother Goose.  The rhythms sooth listeners into slumber, making a few pages a perfect bedtime read after a long day.

But what can educators do to shake up these traditional poems and engage student in a classroom setting?

Maybe Mother Goose by Esme Raji Codell features an energetic pre-school teacher who uses 6 rhymes to get her kids asking what if?

While some of the poems are retold in full, others are abbreviated.  So be sure young listeners are familiar with the traditional versions first.   Most collections of Mother Goose can be found in the same section as fairy tales, the J 398.8.

MotherMrs. Opie has edited several wonderful Mother Goose Collections that feature the illustrations of Rosemary Wells.  Mother Goose’s Little Treasures can be found at our Central Library.  And their latest, My Very First Mother Goose will be available in October!


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