2016 First Pitch Essay Contest Winners!

STL_CardsClrThis summer, we asked Summer Reading Club participants from all around St. Louis to tell us why they are the best pitcher for the St. Louis Public Library. The winner will have a chance to throw out the first pitch at a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game.  Check out the winning essays below!

First place essay: Layla the Good Reader

I think I should do the first pitch at the game because I started reading and I couldn’t stop.  The first day I signed up for this I read 40 minutes.  I got tired but did not give up.  I love reading.  When I am not busy I have time to play games but I read instead of playing games.  When I play I read too.  Reading at bedtime.  Before I go to bed I always read.  I never want to go to sleep, just read.  Reading not leaving.  Sometimes we go somewhere I always bring a book and even when I don’t have to read I read anyway.  Reading is the key to my education.  Reading makes me learn a lot.  Reading makes you have a good imagination.
by Layla

Second place essay:

I think I should throw the first pitch at the Cardinal game because I love baseball.  I have also been reading a lot this summer.  That’s why I want to throw the first pitch at a Cardinal game.
by Leo


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