Dig In and Garden!

With the sun shining (for now at least) and school winding down for the year, so many families are searching for fun outdoor activities. Whether you’re looking for insight and inspiration for gardening all ages can enjoy or just want to soak in some stories that take place outside, there are lots of options for great gardening reads!


The Curious Garden by Peter Brown
When Liam finds a patch of plants growing in his gray, greenless city, he knows that it is up to him to help it grow! The plants are patient as he learns how to take care of them and before he knows it, he’s got a full-grown garden on his hands and this garden wants to see more of the world than the train tracks it’s growing on. Watch what happens when the garden begins to explore in the bright, whimsical pictures of this great, gardening book.

Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt by Kate Messner
While a girl and her grandmother work diligently up in the garden from winter through spring and summer to fall, insects do the same beneath the surface. Readers learn, in gentle, poetic text about the different ways in which bugs and other creatures contribute, just as much as humans, to making a beautiful garden grow. At the end of the book, readers will find an “About the Animals” section, which includes three pages of detailed descriptions of the animals and insects mentioned throughout the book, as well as how they contribute to helping a garden grow.

The Battle of the Vegetables by Matthieu Sylvander
A garden full of leeks meets one of Santa’s reindeer, sort of. Carrots make a great escape, kind of. A carrot and a leek fall madly in love, but will their parents ever approve? This collection of three stories, taking place in one garden is filled with laughs as carrots, leeks, and even potatoes come to life. With cartoon-style pictures as well as rabbits and a cow adding their two cents, this book makes you wonder just what’s going on in your very own garden.

Messy Bessey’s Garden by Patricia & Frederick McKissack
With simple phrases and ear-catching, rhyming text – this quick book is great for sharing with beginning readers. Follow along as Messy Bessey learns all about planting a garden and the care it takes to keep it keep it growing.

Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert
Roses and daffodils and poppies – oh my! Beloved children’s author, Lois Ehlert, introduces young readers to all types of flowers in a picture book showing how plants grow from bulb to bloom. With simple text, bright illustrations, and a chance to explore colors, this classic children’s book has a lot to offer aspiring gardeners.

Counting in the Garden by Emily Hruby
Strawberries, snails, even accidental thistles – everything growing in the garden gets counted in this book for young gardeners working on their numbers. After every new item in the garden is counted, readers watch them get added to an ever-growing picture of the garden itself. By the time readers reach the end, the garden is bursting with colorful life.

Ready Set Grow! by Deborah Lock
Ready to dive in and do some growing of your own? This book is packed with planting projects for even the youngest gardeners. Tips to get your garden growing? Check. A variety of creative containers to hold your plants? Check. Ready to cook up what you’ve created? There’s recipes too! Detailed photos, helpful tips, and simple instructions make each of the assorted activities easy to follow.

Grow your own garden in an empty soda bottle!  Create a group of garden buddies and watch their green manes grow; instructions courtesy of Beautiful Home and Garden DIY.

Soda Bottle Planter


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