Book Weekend – Cats & Ducks & Families

QuackersQuackers is a duck — or so he thinks.  He lives by a pond, and his family is made of ducks.  True – he has orange fur and doesn’t like water.  But one day he meets another strange furry duckling who opens up a whole new world of experiences — as a barn cat!

This cute orange tabby slowly discovers his roots, delighting in experiences.  Yet awkward aspects of cat-hood exist, too, like fur-licking. Yuck – really?!  When Quackers goes back to the pond to reunite with his adopted family, new families and old families unite with love.

Quackers by Liz Wong uses humor and cuteness to get kids thinking about what being a family means.

New MomMy New Mom & Me by Renata Galindo looks at adoption head-on, following a puppy on his first troubled weeks of a new life.  Real issues of assimilation and identity  are explored, and sometimes both the child and the new mom struggle.  But the puppy knows his new cat mom loves him.  The endurance of love keeps them safe.

The European illustrations use a modernist style that can feel a bit bleak and lonely.  But the warm colors keep the two main characters cozy.

Book Weekend will be back next Friday, highlight new pictures to hit the shelves of the St. Louis Public Library!


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