Book Weekend – Black History Month Bios

SewingBook Weekend has two new charming picture book biographies to celebrate Black History Month.   These African-American artists are not familiar classic figures, but lesser known people whose talent still broke new ground.

Sewing Stories: Harriet Powers Journey from Slave to Artist.  As a young girl, Harriet learned the art of fabric, from dying to carding to sewing and quilting.  After the Civil War, she found time around her growing family to record stories of her people in special quilts.  But when hard times came, she was forced to sell these detailed heirlooms to feed her family.  Today two of her special story quilts hang in American museums for all to see.

poetPoet: the Remarkable Story of George Moses Horton.

George Moses Horton was born and lived his life in slavery.  Yet he taught himself to read and write, and later, to compose moving, powerful love poems that compelled audiences both black and white.  Eventually he moved near the University of North Carolina and was able to get his poetry published. While his life in slavery was not back-breaking, the injustice of his status will give pause to readers, both young and old.

Look your local libraries biography sections, under JB Horton, and JB Powers for these new picture books.


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