Display, Demonstrate, and Do: Origami

Visit Schlafly during February to view The Wonder of Origami; origami designs courtesy of teenage patron, Alex G., will be shown in Schlafly’s display case.  On February 13th,  from 2-3 pm Alex will demonstrate some of his origami techniques at Schlafly. Children will make their own pieces to take home.  Alex teaches viewers how to make a paper crane and demonstrates one of his origami fireworks:

Alex shares how he became interested in origami and some tips for beginners in the following interview:

How did you get into origami?
I built paper airplanes and they were fun. I designed my own planes because they were fun. They flew about the same as the ones with instructions in the origami books.

What is your favorite piece of origami?
The dragon I can make out of a crane.

Tell me more about the origami fireworks.
You can flip it inside out and it looks like a fireworks display. The middle becomes the outside. It took about an hour to build. It took 12 sheets of double sided origami paper. It’s sort of fragile. If it got ruined, I’d make it again.

How should someone start doing origami?
Start with something easy and move to the hard ones.

What is the hardest thing that you have made?
The orange and black bear in the case [at Schlafly] is the hardest thing I’ve made.

Many thanks to Alex for sharing his skills and work with the St. Louis Public Library!


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