Best Illustrated Picture Books

LEOThe New York Times Review of Books lists their favorite illustrations in picture books each December.  Check out these titles and maybe one of them might become a favorite of your family!

Leo: a Ghost Story by Mac Barnett; pictures by Christian Robinson. Barnett’s story of a little lost ghost boy who’s mistaken for an imaginary friend rambles on a bit.  But the delightful pictures by Christian Robinson offer curious children plenty to wonder about.

Big Bear Little Chair by Lizi Boyd. Boyd uses her flat modernist style to set off quirky hand drawn bears.BigBear

The Only Child by Guojing.  This quiet dream-like book uses soft pictures to recreate the author’s childhood under China’s One-Child policy.









Sidewalk Flowers by Jornarno Lawson, pictures by Sydney Smith.  In a city of stark black and white, a girl in red coat discovers a kindred spirit in a yellow burst of flowers.


Funny Bones:  Posada and his Day of the Dead Calaveras  by Duncan Tonatiuh. This biography of an early 20th century Mexican artist, Posada, brings to life the traditional skeletons, or calveras, he drew.


Madam Eiffel: a Love Story of the Eiffel Tower by Alice Briere-Haquet.  Pictures by Csil.  This fictional story about the builder of the famous tower imagines that it’s creation sparked from the ills of his fragile wife.  The lovely aerial views of Paris are the true stars of this story.  Anyone who’s ever been to the City of Love will delight in the delicate, stylish review.




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