Book Weekend – Foodland

When everyone had enough turkey, here’s some upbeat tales to get you past Black Friday.

Everyone Loves Bacon by Kelly Dipucchio.  Bacon is a celebrity superstar, loved by all.  But his popularity tempts him to abandon his friends in favor of his adoring fans.  But one fan with eager human hands brings about his tragic, yet delicious end. This clever critique of fame comes with loads of cuteness and humor.  bacon

Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast by Josh Funk, uses fun rhymes to tell this super active breakfast tale.  Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast race through the fridge for the Last Drop of Maple Syrup.  They develop quite a rivalry as they race past the Broccoli Forest and the Orange Juice Fountain.  But in the end, they discover that working together is the secret to success.


Runaway Dinner by Alan Ahlberg. A boy named Banjo sits down to each his meal, when his sausage hops up  and runs out the front door!  Banjo chases after him, and soon everything else is running, too, from the forks and spoons, to the peas and juice!  The entire chase winds up in a park where the food items gets lost, not eaten, and Banjo and his family leisurely stroll back home.Runaway



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