Veteran’s Day

Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day!  This holiday honors people who have served in the US Armed Forces and also marks the anniversary of the end of World War I.  The following books feature the children of military personnel:

Madeline Delilah: Extraordinarily Ordinary
by Mariah L. Richardson, illustrated by Dayne Sislen

Madeline Delilah has misplaced the bracelet Momma gave to her before she deployed to the Middle East. She’s searched the whole neighborhood and she must find it before the 4th of July or there will be consequences.

Year of the Jungle by Suzanne Collins, illustrated by James Proimos
Suzy spends her year in first grade waiting for her father, who is serving in Vietnam, and when the postcards stop coming she worries that he will never make it home.

Coming Home by Greg Ruth
Follows the emotions of a young boy as he waits at an airport for a family member to return home from serving in the military.

Dear Baby, I’m Watching Over You by Carol Casey, illustrated by Mark Braught
A tender letter from parents in the armed forces to their children about all the ways they remain connected while apart and why they choose to serve their country.

Stars Above Us by Geoffrey Norman, illustrated by E.B. Lewis
A little girl’s father helps her get over her fear of the dark before he goes off to war, and she uses the stars they painted on her ceiling to remind her of him while he is away.

Make a sweet “Thanks for Being a Lifesaver” treat to share with a veteran!  Instructions courtesy of Somewhat Simple.



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