Ready, Set, Skate!

It’s hockey season, and there’s nothing mixing up a nice cup of cocoa and settling down in a cozy chair and reading about this icy cool sport. Check out some of these amazing books about this fast-paced, thrilling team sport.


The Hockey Machine by Matt Christopher
Abducted by a fan and forced to become a member of a professional junior hockey team, thirteen-year-old star center Steve Crandall quickly realizes that he must play not only to win but to survive.

The Story of Hockey by Anastasia Suen
Forms of hockey have been played for centuries. This book gives young readers a glimpse into the rich history of this exciting sport.

Z is for Zamboni: A Hockey Alphabet by Matt Napier
In the mold of our very popular series of state alphabet books, we offer “Z is for Zamboni” to hockey fans young and old across North America. Matt Napier’s “breakaway” rhymes and “hard-checking” expository text team up with the “top-shelf” illustrations of Melanie Rose to elucidate this increasingly popular game for every beginning hockey aficionado. Highlighting rules, players, coaches, teams, and the history of the game, it is both fun and educational.

Hockey: The Math of the Game by Shane Frederick
How do you calculate a players points? Whats the difference between a goalies save percentage and his goals against average? How much water is needed to cover an ice rink? Fight for the puck and learn about the math that goes into the sport of hockey!

Frankenstein Doesn’t Slam Hockey Pucks by Debbie Dadey and Marcia Thornton Jones
The coach of the new junior hockey team looks familiar. He’s the creepy assistant from the science museum, and he looks just like Frankentein’s monster!

And for some crafting fun, construct these cool Popsicle stick hockey sticks with button pucks and play a little table-top hockey!  Directions available at Today’s Parent.



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