Book Weekend !


Now that most kids are back in school, it’s time to celebrate the lasting friendship students will make — with books!

The Best Book In the World! by Rilla Alexander.  What would be better than reading the best book in the world?  But what if you had homework to do?  Or a trip to the Zoo?  Would walking through the dessert stop you?  Or an animal parade, just for you made?

If you don’t believe a book could be that good, just open this one to see!


The Boy and the Book by David Slater.

This boy is ready to open his heart to a book!  But what if the book isn’t so sure.  One brand new library book has heard the horror stories and seen the damage.  He’s on the run from the clutches of this eager boy.  But as other books help him escape, he realized that the boy is filled not the destruction, but with love.  And the boy realized that they are meant to be together.


Lola at the Library by Anna McQuinn follows an eager preschooler on her best day ever – Library storytime day!  This cheerful book shows how the seeds of book love can be planted early!


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