Book Weekend – Ice Cream!

ICSummerIs summer almost over?  Or is there still time to celebrate hot days and cold desserts?

In Ice Cream Summer by Peter Sis, a boy answers his grandfather’s letter with a list of all the educational activities.  But ice cream is at the center of each delicious day, from learning new vocabulary, like “Cherry Tornado” flavor, to ancient history.   Ice cream was first invented over 2000 year ago, by the Chinese, of course.  When his grandfather takes him on a end of year weekend trip, they climb mount Ice Cream Sundae!   The soft pastel art work will enchant pre-school readers with it’s light airy colors and cool delicate textures.

Older elementary readers might want to learn more about how ice cream is made.  Find this titles in the non-fiction section: J 637.1


Turning Milk Into Ice Cream: a Step by Step Transformation by Jerome Hakwins.

stick dog

Fans of the Wimpy Kid who’s already memorized the whole series — and just can’t wait until the next book comes out in November, should try the Stick Dog series by Tom Watson.

In the third book, Stick Dog Dreams of Ice Cream, the goofy dog and his pack of feral friends are looking for a cool blast on a super hot day.  Who should come along but the ice cream truck.  Fans who remember his quest for a hamburger and later a hot dog, know stop at nothing to get a taste for themselves.

And don’t forget these classics about the perils of waiting too long to enjoy ice cream.

ShareShould I Share My Ice Cream by Mo Willems

StarWemberly’s Ice Cream Star by Kevin Henkes.


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