Book Weekend – Swimming!

PoolPool by Jihyeon Lee.

oTTERA boy in a crowded swimming pool dives down to avoid being squashed.  Under the water he discovers a girl with a magical secret!  The gentle colors are cool and soothing, but the imaginative creatures are truly delightful.  Originally published in South Korea, this wordless book was uses subtle clues to let thoughtful readers in.

The Otter Who Loved to Hold Hands by Heidi Howarth.  Charming and traditional, this is the story of a baby otter learning to swim, but only while holding his mother’s hand.  With her firm but loving encouragement, he discovers the courage he needs to let go.  The otters look like cuddly stuffed animals, sure to charm little ones.

SWIMMINGSwimming, Swimming by Gary Clement.

Ah, the best days of summer are spent in the pool!  The simple text begins only when the boy and his friend reach the pool, and follow a familiar tune.  Swimming strokes are vaguely shown, keeping time to this cheerful song.  Great read aloud to a group of kids, age pre-school to first!


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