Book Weekend – Travel

rabbitbikeWherever you go by Pat Miller.  A young rabbit on a bike joins friends as they cross mountains, weave through cities, and follow the road of adventure. The pictures by Eliza Wheeler flow and bend like a river, evoking a breezy dreamlike mood.  This choice is sure to inspire summer adventure.


Edmund Unravels by Andrew Kolb. A bouncing happy ball of yarn named Edmund loves to travel. As he gets older, he goes further out and abroad. Until one day, far away, he feels a bit lonesome and notices a tugging. His family misses him, too and pulls him back home!


Along a Long Road by Frank Viva.  Viva uses his striking graphic style to follow a cyclist on a winding trip through the country, town and ultimately to the sea.  Using just 5 colors, he captures the joyous sense of freedom a long road open up!

rideMystery Ride by Scott Magoon.  Three sibling are reluctant to join their parents in the car for a mystery ride.  Usually these mystery rides end up at the laundromat, or the grocery store.  But this time, they are in for a surprise – a sweet creamy surprise with sprinkles on top!


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