Book Weekend – May Gardens

FriendApril showers bring May flowers, and maybe something more!  How to Grow a Friend by Sara Gillingham explores the metaphorical connection between friends and gardens.  In bright colors and simple shapes, two children act out the steps along side their pinwheel garden.  When things go wrong, whether with plants or friends, there’s always a way fix it!  A sweet parable about tolerance for the youngest audience.

SylivaSylvia is a girl who does NOT like eating spinach.  But after she spends time, sowing, watering and then watching them sprout, she learns  a different kind of love for this leafy green.  Sylvia’s Spinach by Katherine Pryor.

schoolA new boy learns that his class has a special project, a school garden!  Through facts, poems, riddles and bits of history, he learns all the ways that make community gardens special.  From compost worms to companion flowers, this informational picture book is packed with details that older grade school kids will love!   Our School Garden by Rick Swann.

And just for a bit a silly fun, kids young and old can read about Vegetables in Underwear.  This picture books by Jared Chapman uses vibrant shapes on a clean white background to showcase the delightful pride of these veggies.  Veg

Each spread offers a pair of opposites, from big to little, clean to dirty, boy pants to girl pants.  And the surprise ending will tickle the pants of kids who’ve recently graduated from diapers!


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