Books Weekend – New Birds in Picture Books

NestYou Nest Here with Me by Jane Yolen.

This gentle rhyming bedtime story follows all the ways and wheres of birds nests.  A human mother tells her child about barn swallows, plovers and eagles, weaving facts and cozy details.  The soothing truth, that home is where ever loved ones rest, was written and illustrated by a real life mother daughter duo!

BertYou Can Do It, Bert! by Ole Konnecke

A minimalist little bird isn’t sure he’s ready to hop off his branch into the big world.  The readers offers encouragements, as Bert walks back and forth, even stopping for a snack.  When he takes the plunge, he has a moment of panic! But the humorous ending reassures young listeners that trying new things ends well!

Little Bird Takes a Bath by M Russo.

In a busy urban setting, Little Bird starts his day with a song , and a bath.Littlebird

But when a ball lands in his perfect puddle he flies away in a panic.  And again, a dancing girl looses a flip-flop and startles him away once more! The cheerful colors pull readers into this birds eye view of a bustling city, where even the littlest residents can enjoy a quiet spot and lovely nap.

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