Spring is just around the corner

Spring is just around the corner!  Warmer weather means the chance to get outside and take advantage of the sights our beautiful city has to offer.  Check out some of the following books about parks and gardens, then head outside and explore one of St. Louis’ many outstanding parks!

The Imaginary Garden
by Andrew Larsen

To replace his old garden, Theodora and her grandfather decide to paint a garden on the balcony of his new apartment, which takes on a life of its own thanks to Theo’s love, imagination, and creativity.

The Curious Garden by Peter Brown
Liam discovers a hidden garden and with careful tending spreads color throughout the gray city.

And Then It’s Spring by Julie Fogliano
Simple text reveals the anticipation of a boy who, having planted seeds while everything around is brown, fears that something has gone wrong until, at last, the world turns green.

Water in the Park: A Book About Water and the Times of the Day by Emily Jenkins
Relates how the water in a park is used in different ways by the human and animal inhabitants of a neighborhood.

Voices in the Park by Anthony Browne
Lives briefly intertwine when two youngsters meet in the park.

Check out St. Louis’ Parks, Recreation, and Forestry website to find a park or outdoor event near you!


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