Book Weekend — Winter Animals

OverChildren may wonder what happens to animals during the cold of winter.  These picture books, both new and classic, gives young readers a window into life in the wintery wild.

Over and Under the Snow by Kate Messner (2014) follows a child and parent trekking through a snowy forest.  Under their feet, cut-away images show the hibernating animals snug in their burrows.  Other animals, awake and busy, make tracks and tunnels that offer the child clues to follow.  The charming retro-style illustrations by Christopher Silas Neal conveys the crisp coldness of a lovely winter day.

CountingSnowCounting on Snow by Maxwell Newhouse (2010) invites young readers to count down the Arctic animals, from 10 caribou to one lonely moose.  But as the pages turn, the snow begins to fall.  The drifts pile up, coating the animals until the world is draped in white.  The small size makes this a cozy bed time read on a chilly night.


Owl Moon by Jane Yolan (1988).  This classic story describes a late night walk through another snowy woods.  John Schoenherr won the Caldecott Medal for best illustrated children’s book that year for his luminous watercolors.  The fleeting glimpse of the owl is special but the time shared between father and daughter are priceless.


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