Books worth Savoring During the Holiday Season

Educators say that children should be read to every day. What better time to read to your child than at bedtime, cuddled up under a comforter or quilt before drifting off to sleep.

mooshkaMooshka, A Quilt Story by Julie Paschkis is a tribute to storytelling and family traditions. Each square in Karla‘s quilt prompts a different story. When a new baby comes, the reluctant new big sister uses these stories to comfort the baby.

storyblanketThe Story Blanket by Ferida Wolff and Harriet May Savitz and illustrated by Elena Odriozola is sure to spread warmth and cheer on winter nights. When the children in the village gather to hear stories the storyteller notices that a child needs socks, the postman needs a scarf– and the blanket starts to shrink. Graceful restrained language and art combine to inspire a tale of generosity, perfect for this season of giving.

brotherhugoOver the years librarians have heard lots of excuses for not returning a book—but “a bear ate it”? Based on a snippet from an historic document, Brother Hugo and the Bear is about a monk and his brother monks who prepare the parchment, make the inks, sew the pages and bind it to replace the manuscript the bear had eaten. But it seems the bear has developed a taste for text that is not easily satisfied.

tigersoupTiger in My Soup by Kashmira Sheth also speaks to the power of words and imagination. What if the letters in your soup spelled out T I G E R, and then the tiger came to life? Ignored by his older sister who is absorbed by her own book, a bored boy manages to have an action-packed fantasy adventure. Beautiful, bizarre and beguiling.

stormwhaleThe Storm Whale by Benji Davies is a heartwarming tale of loneliness and compassion. Crisp, evocative scenes of coastal life and a fantastical yet comforting story reminds us to cherish and listen to those we love.


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