Book Weekend – Unicorns!


Some great new picture books have come out lately about a new cool magical creature.  Unicorns are not just characters from My Little Pony any more.  These first two picture books target both boys and girls with themes of friendship and personal understanding.  The last choice offers a classic story in a cute retro style for serious fans.

Unicorn Thinks He’s Pretty Great by Bob Shea

Goat explains all the reasons he doesn’t like that show-off, Unicorn.  When Unicorn makes rainbows and cupcakes, Goat huffs and frowns.  But once the two talk, he’s surprised to discover that being Unicorn isn’t all that great.  That pearly pointy horn can be problem when head butting a soccer ball.  In fact, Unicorn thinks Goats pretty cool himself, with his curly horns and awesome Goat Milk Cheese making powers.  The two realized that a team-up makes them even better!

BigLilyLily The Unicorn by Dallas Clayton

Manic, energetic, super positive, Lily can do anything and demonstrates her pink & blue powers for all to see.  Colorful details pack the pages with items for readers to pour over.  But then Lily meets Rodger the Penguin.  He’s a short dark and frowny guy with issues.  He doesn’t want to do anything, and thinks all of Lily’s plans are dumb. When Lily presses him  for a reason, he hunts around, but mostly his reason’s are rooted in fear.  Can Lily be the friend he needs to step out of his rut?


Uni The Unicorn by Amy Krouse Rosenthal.Uni

Uni the Unicorn believes in magic.  Her purple mane and sparkly eyes are not that different than the other unicorns in her family, but unlike them, she believes the make-believe stories about a creature called Girl. Uni is sure that a strong smart wonderful little girl is out there waiting for her.  Her quest to find this magical friend is fulfilled by a golden-haired stranger.  The 1960’s style illustrations capture a charming retro feel that matches this sweet story about believing in dreams.


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