Wacky Wednesday Lego Challenge at Julia Davis

pigeonThis summer on the second Wednesday of each month, young patrons at Julia Davis Branch have been having fun with Legos. Each time we play we have a different challenge. This month, we created an entry for a Lego Education contest called “The Pigeon Builds a Story”.

Inspired by Mo Willems’ book “The Pigeon Wants a Puppy”, young patrons at the Julia Davis Branch Library created a spin off story. Pigeon is chased around the house by the big puppy, but is luckily given the chance to escape when a cat comes in to distract the dog. The cat runs up a tree and makes it to safety.

The kids worked in small groups to create structural characters to represent each animal as well as the scene. We used the Lego Movie Maker app, a stop motion film tool, to tell their story.

Can you “like” our entry on the Lego Education page? The post with the most likes will win the grand prize. The “like” button looks like a turquoise and white star on the top right side of the page. You can find our entry here.

If you think this looks like a fun activity, join us next month at Julia Davis (or at many other SLPL locations) to use your creativity with Legos.


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