Book Weekend – Sloths!

13260645Author Lucy Cooke wants to share her discovery of the most adorable creature in the zoo – the sloth!  Her bright photographic picture book, the Little Book of Sloth is filled with baby sloths feeding, playing, napping and just hanging around.  She covers some facts about the two kinds of sloths, the three-toed and the five-toed.  But mostly she these hilarious and lazy little charmers speak for themselves, from Mateo, to baby Biscuit, to all the others.

More non-fiction books about sloths can be found at the St. Louis Public Library.

Three-Toed Sloths by R. Lynette can be found in the animal section at Carpenter and Central.

Zooborns: zoo babies from around the world by Andrew Blieman has more adorable pictures of baby sloths.

Ugly Cute Animals by Melvin Berger features the sloth front and center, alongside other unusual animals.

17471114 Sparky!,  a new picture books by Jenny Offill, sets the sloth in an awkward role.  When the girl orders a sloth online, she gets the perfect pet: one with no bathing, feeding or walking.  But her enjoyment of the sloth is tempered by other people underwhelming reaction to it’s lack-luster skills.  A pesky neighbor girl snubs her sloth for not being as clever as her dancing cat or talking parrot.  When the girl pushes the sloth into a performance, she’s faced with disappointment.  But as she joins her sloth to appreciate the sunset, his quiet companionship speaks volumes.    A perfect bedtime story for those who appreciate that silence is golden.   15817030Lost Sloth by J. Otto Seibold. A sloth dude wins a shopping spree but can he be fast enough to get there in time?


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