You Gotta Have Heart

valentinesdayisWho is the boy with the bow and arrow and what does he have to do with Valentine’s Day?  Discover the answer to this and more as you read Valentine’s Day Is…  by Gail Gibbons.

After exploring the history of Valentine’s Day, get creative with wagon wheel pasta and glue.  Complete instructions can be found here. Thanks to Mom2toPoshLilDivas for the cute idea!


While the little love bugs are completing their hearts, share a story to two.  You can find these titles and more at the St. Louis Public Library.


Slugs in Love, by Susan Pearson
Marylou and Herbie, two garden slugs, write love poems in slime to one another but have trouble actually meeting.

Froggy’s First Kiss, by Jonathan London
As Valentine’s Day approaches, Froggy thinks that he is falling in love with the new girl in class, but his feelings change when she gives him a kiss.

Henry and the Valentine Surprise, by Nancy Carlson
When Henry and his first-grade classmates notice a heart-shaped box on their teacher’s desk the day before Valentine’s Day, they try to find out if he has a girlfriend.

Turtle and Snake’s Valentine’s Day, by Kate Spohn
Turtle and Snake have plenty to do as they prepare Valentine’s Day surprises for each other. Includes directions for making a valentine.

Junie B. Jones and the Mushy Gushy Valentine, by Barbara Park
When Junie B. Jones receives a mushy gushy “valentime” on Valentine’s Day, she tries to find out who in her kindergarten class is her secret admirer.


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