Book Weekend – Thanksgiving

13544434This holiday season, find time to sit down as a family and read together.  These short funny books will charm a wide range of ages.

Bear Says Thanks by Karma Wilson.  Bear is alone and hungry in his cave when he’s visited by each of his friends bringing gifts of food.   Bear wants to share something in return, and discovers the most unlikely gift.

Duck for Thanksgiving by Jacqueline Jules.  Tuyet is dismayed to discover her Vietnamese-American family won’t be serving turkey on Thanksgiving.  Is it still the same Holiday without the same food?


3624805One is a Feast for a Mouse by Judy Cox.

One little mouse creeps out of his hole after the Thanksgiving feast to find some scraps to eat.  At first he thinks “One is a feast for me!” But he keeps spotting another and another delicious morsel, piling them up until he can’t carry any more!  Wobbling back to his hole he doesn’t see that the cat has woken up and noticed him.  As he scrambles back to safety,  Mouse lets go of his greed and keeps only what he needs.

1000173Dan Gutman‘s My Weird School series has a Thanksgiving day themed addition.  Dr. Carbles is Losing His Marbles features A.J. and his buddies trying to save their favorite bald principal (and his drawer of candy bars) from getting fired!

13330545And of course, spunky Junie B. Jones, has a story about Thanksgiving, too, Turkeys We Have Loved and Eaten (and other thankful stuff) by Barbara Park.  When her teacher asked the class to think about what they are each thankful for, he gets a load of answers, some sillier than others.  But if the kids truly feel thankful in their hearts, who’s to say what should count and what should not?

The author Barbara Park died this week, at at 66.  All of us here at St. Louis Public library are thankful for the many funny short chapter books she gave the world.


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