Thanks, Mom.

Mother’s Day is Sunday, and we thought what better way to celebrate than providing a few great titles available from your favorite Branch of the St. Louis Public Library. These titles all have distinct Mom characters, but they’re not necessarily about Moms, or Mother’s Day on the whole. Rather, they’re like Moms we remember: stern when they needed to be, embarrassing (all the time!) smart, witty, and down-right loving. Be sure to share them with all the Moms in your life–and don’t forget to say “Thanks, Mom.” She’ll probably appreciate that more than the flowers…

Five Minutes Peace by Jill Murphy

Five Minutes Peace

All Mrs. Large wants one morning is Five Minutes to herself–and all her children want is Mrs. Large’s undivided attentions. Jill Murphy provides a tale that one need not be a pachyderm to relate to and understand.

Max and the Dumb Flower Picture by Martha Alexander with James Rumford

Max and the Dumb Flower Picture

Remember when you were picking out a Mother’s Day gift with the help of Dad, and you were sure that Mom would be way more impressed (and entertained) by that awesome Lego set instead of the chocolates and aroma candle? Welcome to Max’s world: his teacher wants him to color a picture of a flower for Mom, but Max is the expert on what HIS mom likes, right?

Our Granny by Margaret Wild, illustrations by Julie Vivas

Our Granny

All Grannies may be different, but they’re all a lot alike too. Chances are, you’ll recognize lots of different Grannies in this book.

A Mother for Choco by Keiko Kasza

A Mother for Choco

Choco the bird is all alone, but he is sure he must have a mother somewhere among all the animals in the world. Could it be Giraffe, Penguin, or Walrus? No, not them… Who then? This warm story reminds readers and listeners that mothers and families come in all shapes and sizes.

Ol’ Mama Squirrel by David Ezra Stein

Ol Mama Squirrel

Ol’ Mama Squirrel is one tough nut to crack. She knows the ins and outs of child-rearing, and she’s not about to let danger linger. When a big threat shows up in her tree though, she’ll need to show just how tough a critter she can be!

Now, here are a few situations that mothers know well: unconditional love, and the constant bedtime test to stay up just a little bit later, and when everything is planned so well but ends up in disaster:

I Love You, Stinky Face by Lisa Mccourt with illustrations by Cyd Moore

stinky face

Are You Awake? by Sophie Blackall

Are You Awake

Just Me and My Mom by Mercer Mayer

Just me and My Mom

We can’t forget the older set:

Ramona and Her Mother by Beverly Cleary

Ramona and her Mother

Ramona wants to be the center of her mom’s world forever, but lately she doesn’t think she is… This classic story of relationships will ring true for everyone who has ever had to grow up (or still might.)

What Momma Left Me by Renée Watson

What Momma Left Me

In this story, Momma has already passed by the time we meet young Serenity. Taken by a terrible act of uxoricide, Serenity and her brother Danny must learn to live without her mother (and her father.) However, that doesn’t mean that Serenity doesn’t have her memories, and it certainly does not mean that she can’t still learn a lesson or two from Momma. This book is a great read for mature readers.


So with that, we hope you have a great Mother’s Day. Don’t forget to check back in a few days for a craft to be shared with mom. Have a favorite mom character we missed? Tell us about it in the comments or visit your favorite Branch of the St. Louis Public Library and share it with us in person.

Finally, don’t forget to give Mom that most important present. just say

“Thanks, Mom.”

…and maybe give her that five minutes of peace after-all.


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