Baden Branch Madness-2013!

March Madness is here–the big dance starts Thursday!

How do you complete your bracket? Do you scrutinize each and every player, team and coach? Do you look to see who has the best color-combo uniforms or silliest mascot? Do you favor power conferences or have an innate distaste for perennial contenders? Whatever it is, bring your skills to the Baden Branch of the St. Louis Public Library and help decide our bracket!


We’ve put 64 of our favorite children’s books into a winner-take-all bracket, and we need your help to see which will advance. Each time you visit the Branch between now and April 8th, you will have a chance to view the books in the competition and vote for your favorite remaining titles as they seek to be crowned champion.

Visit often to ensure your favorites advance!


One thought on “Baden Branch Madness-2013!

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