Helping Children to Cope with Trauma (Post II of II)

As discussed last week, helping children to deal with an emotionally devastating event can be very difficult. While we decided to post on the subject now due to the Sandy Hook School Shooting, we know these materials may be important at a different time, due to a different tragedy, whether it be international news or just close to home. While we hope you never need them under those circumstances, here they are for your browsing and investigation:

Children Changed by Trauma: A Healing Guide by Debra Whiting Alexander


Dr. Alexander provides a resource for  those who interact closely with children–parents, teachers, etc–on how youth process a variety of trauma and how adults can help them to cope.

The Boy Who Sat by the Window by Chris Loftis with illustrations by Catherine Gallagher


Though targeted towards children, this one is well-shared with adults. The true story of a child killed by neighborhood violence and how a classmate experiences the situation and handles the consequences.

Stress-Proofing Your Child by Sheldon Lewis and Sheila Kay Lewis


More of a pre-emptive work, this book provides a number of activities and exercises for children on how to reduce stress and affirm good feelings.

The Scared Child by Barbara Brooks and Paula M Siegel


Dr. Brooks and Ms. Siegel provide clear and concise steps for how to help children of all ages deal with a variety of bad experiences and place even bad feelings in a positive light.

Children and Trauma: A Guide for Parents and Professionals by Cynthia Monahon


Cynthia Monahon keeps the focus on the adults in the room, and how their actions and direction can impact and assist the children they try to help.


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