We Usually Do Not Post Booklists on Fridays…

…but this is no ordinary Friday. Today, 7 December 2012, marks the 71st anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack. It was an incident so devastating to a nation that it catapulted the United States headlong into the Second World War–a protracted and globe changing affair. While we’ll bring you a number of booklists about the Second World War in the future, and we’ve already briefly touched on some, today we wanted to focus specifically on the event that thrust the U.S. into the center of the international tumult:

Remember Pearl Harbor: Japanese and American Survivors Tell Their Stories by Thomas B Allen


Personal narratives and first-hand experiences combined with historical photographs and detailed maps make this an excellent source of information for older children and advanced readers.

Pearl Harbor–A Ready to Read Level 3 Book by Stephen Krensky with illustrations by Larry Day


Author Krensky provides good detail about relations between Japan and the United States just prior to the attack, as well as the events of the fateful day in an easy-to-read format for young readers ready for more than simple picture books.

Pearl Harbor Child: A Child’s view of Pearl Harbor from Attack to Peace by Dorinda Makanaonalani Nicholson


Dorinda Makanaonalani Nicholson chronicles what it was like to be at Pearl Harbor–as a six-year-old–and witness the oncoming attack.

Under the Blood-Red Sun by Graham Salisbury


Thirteen-year-old Tomi Nakaji is the first generation of his family born in the United States, and his family still is very much Japanese. When the attack on Pearl Harbor occurs, Tomi’s world is thrown into chaos as his father and grandfather are rounded up, his mother is put out of her job… what else could go wrong?

The Attack on Pearl Harbor: an Interactive History Adventure by Allison Lassieur


Allison Lassieur’s book puts the reader in charge–pick from a variety of people and choices to find out what you would do if you were at Pearl Harbor during the attack, what would happen, and what really did occur.

Captured Off-Guard: The Attack on Pearl Harbor by Donald Lemke with illustrations by Claude St. Aubin


What happens when two friends who are camping hear loud noises that turn out to be the Pearl Harbor attack? Should they hide? Head home? Document the event with a personal camera? find out in Lemke’s graphic novel.


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