Settling Down for a Long Winter Nap

Despite the balmy temperatures outside, Winter is coming. Many animals prepare for the traditionally harsh season in different ways, and it is an excellent time to explore your favorite Branch of the St. Louis Public Library for informational and entertaining stories about these creatures. One of our favorites being the bear, here are a few tales to get you started:

Bedtime for Bear by Brett Helquist


Bear is ready to sleep for the winter, but his rascally raccoon friends lure him outside for great fun in the snow.

No by Claudia RuedaRueda_No

Mother Bear suggests that it is time to go to sleep for the winter, but little bear has other ideas.

Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson with illustrations by Jane ChapmanWilson_BearSnoresOn

While Bear is sleeping soundly, animal friends come in one by one and enjoy the warmth of his cave.

Bear Dreams by Elisha CoopercooperBear does not want to go to bed, so he tries to stay active with his friends. Can he keep his eyes open during the long winter?

Bear has a Story to Tell by Phillip C. Stead with illustrations by Erin E. SteadBear Story

Bear wants to tell his friends a story, but first he helps them prepare for the oncoming winter. Will anyone be around to hear his tale?


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