Happy Halloween!

If you live in St. Louis, grew up in St. Louis, or have visited St. Louis during Halloween, you are sure to have come across a great tradition when venturing out to fill your pillowcase with candy on Halloween night:

The bad joke, riddle, or pun.

It’s expected, looked forward to, and as a result it fills the night with many groans, guffaws, and much head shaking at awful punchlines. Still, it’s a tradition that is ours.

Yes, there’s no just calling out “trick-or-treat” here. Anyone old enough to ring the doorbell is old enough to entertain candy-givers with at least an attempt at humor. To make sure that you and your family are ready to go this year, here are a few of our favorite joke books that can provide you  with your last-minute chuckle. Don’t forget to test your joke at your favorite Branch of the St. Louis Public Library!

Knock, Knock!
Jokes by fourteen great artists including Saxton Freyman, Tomie DePaola, & David Small

Some of the worst Knock Knock jokes illustrated by today’s best artists. Figures.

Just Joking-300 Hilarious Jokes, tricky tongue twisters, and ridiculous riddles
National Geographic Kids

These jokes are told by animals from National Geographic photos with great facts added in as well.

Sidesplitters: A joke a Day–365 Guaranteed Giggles
Editors of Kishfisher

Why limit bad jokes to only Halloween?

SpongeBob Squarepants Joke Book & Nautical Nonsense: A SpongeBob Joke Book
David Lewman & Wendy Wax, respectively

Need some more? Check out the Riverfront Times‘ best jokes of 2010 and 2011


St. Louis Post-Dispatch‘s 90 Halloween jokes in 10 minutes


National Public Radio‘s post last year.

Good luck, have fun, & be safe!


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