Here’s one for the older kids…

As kids grow up, they become acutely aware of how they are different from one another–whether it’s a haircut, new shoes, or neighborhoods, there is always something that can make them feel alone or left out. Often, a new school year can bring out many of these ways of separating out individuals rather than bringing them together. For upper elementary and middle schoolers, here’s a great story about not always “belonging.”

Invisible Lines

by Mary Amato

If you’ve ever felt like you have a lot going against you, and are doing your best to rise above your situation, you will enjoy reading Trevor Musgrove’s story in Invisible Lines. Trevor wants to fit in at his new school. But his single mom is poor and Trevor is often stuck taking care of his little brother and sister while she works. Things look good when he gets on the good side of Xander, one of the best soccer players in the school and one of the richest students at Buckingham Middle School. However, when Trevor makes the mistake of “crossing Xander’s line,” he faces a challenge he never imagined.



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