The Waning Days of Summer (post I of II)

School may be back in session, and September may be just around the corner, but it is still Summer! Summer is the best time to read stories about daring adventures and survival. It seems a little easier for imaginations to run wild when they’re not constrained to the classroom walls. Here are some wonderful picture and chapter adventure books recommended for those of you trying to keep the spirit of
Summer alive and who are not yet ready to accept the relentless approach of Autumn. Find them all at your  favorite local St. Louis Public Library Branch!

Sitck by Steve Breen

Meet Stick. He’s a young frog with a thirst for adventure and a verrry long tongue. One day, he tries to eat a dragonfly, but instead his tongue gets stuck to the insect and he’s carried off to New Orleans. There, Stick has a number of crazy escapades before hitching a ride back home on a heron. This humorous story and large, colorful illustrations will engage readers in Stick’s fun adventure.

All Aboard the Dinotrain by Deb Lund

Fans of Dinosailors will be delighted to see their favorite dinosaurs back for more fun. The series of misadventures that awaits them aboard the titular train will have kids delighting in this crazy crew. The rhyming text full of “dino” words – like “dinocrew” and “dinoflying” – and the large, expressive illustrations make this book a great, fun read.

The Pet Dragon by Christoph Niemann

When Lin’s pet dragon disappears, she sets out to find him with the help of a witch. This book is a wonderful introduction to the Chinese language as Niemann includes one or more Chinese characters on each page, both with the English translation and superimposed on the illustrations themselves.

The Penderwicks: A Summer Tale of Four Sisters, Two Rabbits, and a Very Interesting Boy by Jeanine Birdsall

The first of a series, The Penderwicks is the perfect realistic summer adventure book. The four Penderwick sisters – responsible Rosalind, 12, tomboy Skye, 11, dreamy Jane, 10, and funny little Batty, 4 – and their father decide to spend the summer in the mountains at a cottage owned by the snobby and rich Mrs. Tifton. The girls quickly meet and adopt Mrs. Tifton’s son Jeffrey as their surrogate brother. Together the five, along with their dog Hound, have many misadventures, including Rosalind’s crush on the gardener, Jane’s effort to write a new novel, and Batty’s encounter with an angry bull. Birdsall writes a wonderfully sweet and humorous story, and by the end readers will want to be adopted into the Penderwick family just like Jeffrey. For those who have already read the first one, or for those who fall in love with these spirited sisters, there are two sequels: The Penderwicks on Gardam Street and The Penderwicks at Point Mouette.

Check back next week for more late summer adventures!


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