Keep that Brain Engaged!

During the summer it is important that children continue to stimulate their brains in order to retain the information they acquired the previous school year and to be ready for the coming academic term. Riddles, puzzles and fun facts are an entertaining way to keep the brain active. The following list of books of riddles, puzzles, and fun facts can be found, along with many more, at your St. Louis Public Library!

Let’s Go in the Funny Zone by Gary Chmielewski

What Do You Hear When Cows Sing? And Other Silly Riddles by Marco and Giulio Maestro

Shanna’s Animal Riddles by Jean Marzollo

C D B by William Steig.

Where’s Waldo? The Great Picture Hunt by Martin Handford

Spot the Differences–Brain-Teasing Picture Puzzles by Steven Rosen

The Curious Book of Mind-Boggling Teasers, Tricks, Puzzles, and Games by Charles Barry Townsend

Need some more? If you are interested in creating your own crossword puzzles and word searches you can do so at!


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