Sept. 11 Picture books

 How do parents talk about the tragedy that happened 10 years ago?  For school age kids, these books offer a window to an event that is only history for them.  While some folks assume picture books are only for pre-schoolers these titles work best with kids in grades 1st through 4th.

America Is Under Attack by Don Brown narrates events of the day, starting in the morning with the hijacking and ending at the evening with rescue operations at the WTC site.   Clear, senstive writing is paired with vivid watercolors to convey the emotional depth of that day.

Fireboat: the adventures of the John J. Harvey by Maira Kalman.  Preschoolers as well as early elementary student will enjoy this tale of a fireboat rescued from the scrap heap.  The new owners never expected the fireboat to be used again to fight fires, but on that day in September, 2001, the little fireboat was called to duty once again. 

 For those who would rather remember the Twin Towers as they were, Mordicai Gerstein’s book serves well.  The Man Who Walked Between the Towers tells of the tightrope walker who performed his tricks and stunts a quarter of a mile above the city.

In 2004 this book won the Caldecott Medal for it’s breath-taking illustrations.


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