Sport Stories!

     Top of the Order by John Coy follows four guys with different problems at home, but the same love of the game on the field.  The summer before 6th grade, Jackson is dealing with his parents divorce, while struggling  to find enough kids to play on his baseball team.  The new kids, Diego, with a power swing, agrees to join, but will they have enough…or will he have to let his little sister join?

In the second book, Eyes on the Goal, Jackson and his friends go to a week long Soccer Camp, where he struggles with a sport that his other friends shine at.

And coming this fall, Love of the Game, follows the friend as they try out for middle school football.

Readers looking for a much shorter read (or those new to chapter books) will love quirky team of kids in Basketball Bats by Betty Hicks.

Henry and his friends on Rockford Road are a basketball team unstoppable on their driveway court. But without team t-shirts or an official name can they take on The Tigers, a team that plays at the huge YWCA and has a player old enough to shave?


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