Art Is All Around

As you already know, St. Louis is full of many awesome, free, and family-friendly attractions.  Have you scoped out Family Sundays at the St. Louis Art Museum yet?  Escape the summer heat, create some art, and get a tour around the galleries.  How very cool is that?

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Get ready for your visit with a few books from SLPL:

  • Speaking of Art (Bob Raczka, editor) pairs quotes from famous artists with their work, which can inspire big ideas and discussions with your children about art, creativity, and more.
  • Dave the Potter (Laban Carrick Hill) pieces together the story of a man who created beautiful pottery and poetry in spite his enslavement.
  • And Picasso Painted Guernica (Alain Serres) looks at the events surrounding Picasso’s evocative masterpiece and the process necessary in producing such a massive–in both size and meaning–painting.
  • Finally, get an idea of what it takes to get an ancient artifact to the museum: How the Sphinx Got to the Museum (Jesse Hartland) takes the reader step-by-step to see the people involved in the journey–from how Queen Hatshepsut ordered the creation of the sphinxes to the curator giving a guided tour to a school group in New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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