International Animation

With so many great American animated films like Cars, Toy Story, and The Princess and the Frog, it is easy to overlook movies made by animation studios abroad. However, foreign films for children contribute unique storytelling and art styles to the diverse world of animation. Here is a list of some foreign animated films for children available at the St. Louis Public Library.

In Asur and Azmar: The Princes’ Quest (France) rivaling brothers go on a quest to save the Djinn Fairy.

Spirited Away (Japan) features a courageous girl who must navigate a strange spirit world in order to save her parents–who have been turned into pigs!

The Missing Lynx (Spain) sees a rag-tag group of animals avoid capture by an eccentric millionaire who wishes to create his own “Noah’s Ark” of endangered species.

In A Matter of Loaf and Death (Great Britain),  a claymation film featuring Wallace and Gromit, a man and his dog start a bread-baking company and find themselves in the middle of a murder mystery.

In My Beautiful Girl, Mari (Korea) a young boy enters a fantasy world where he meets Mari, a magical girl who helps him cope with growing pains.

Secret of Kells (France, Belgium, Ireland) sees a young boy embark on a medieval quest inspired by Ireland’s Book of Kells.

Best of the Best–Especially for Kids (Canada) is a collection of animated short films, including one with Cinderella as a penguin!

–Brian Novak


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