Baa, Baa, Green Sheep

Now is the time to enjoy green-ness. But how can we celebrate without the green sheep? We know where the blue sheep, the red sheep, the bath sheep, and the bed sheep are. Help us search for our missing friend in the pages of Where is the Green Sheep? by Mem Fox and Judy Horacek.
A “living” green sheep can be made using an empty tissue roll, cardboard, cotton balls, and grass seeds. Punch 4 small holes into the bottom of the toilet tissue roll.  Roll 4 small pieces of cardboard small enough to fit into the holes, and secure with glue or tape. Cut an oblong shape with ears resembling a sheep’s head and attach to the upper front of the tissue roll with glue or tape.  Cover the tissue roll by gluing cotton balls over the surface, and let dry.  Lightly spritz the cotton with water and sprinkle with grass seeds.  Place your sheep in a sunny spot and spray with water daily.  Before long, you will have a green sheep of your very own.
–Jane Lambert

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