How to Train Your Dragon

In the land of Berk, everyone trained to be able to slay dragons; however, Hiccup is more a brainy than a fighter when it comes to dragons. He is the son of Stoick the Vast, a small Viking leader. Stoick is very disappointed in Hiccup’s appearance and his skill to fight dragons. While Stoick and his Viking fellows set sail to find the dragons’ nest and destroy it, Gobber stays behind to train the teenagers, included Hiccup, to fight with dragons. Before the training, Hiccup encounter with an injured Night Fury. The encounter leads Hiccup to become friend with the Night Fury, and this gives him an advantage for the training. In the enclose instructions ring, the teens come face-to-face with variety of fire breathing dragons ready to eat the them. After an intensive training, the teens ready to show off their new talents to the entire town. Stoick was disappointed when he knows his son is a friend of the dragon. At last, everyone in town except and learn Hiccup’s way to make friends with the dragons. Dragons and Vikings live happily ever after. This is a movie with a moral behind it. We must see things from other’s point of views and except others’ differences in order to create a greatest harmony.

–Adeline Chow


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