Red Pyramid

If you loved The Lightning Thief  by Rick Riordan, you’ll want to check out his newest series The Kane Chronicles.

In the first book, the Red Pyramid, 12-year-old Sadie Kane is living in London with her maternal grandparents while her older brother, 14-year-old Carter, travels the world with their father, a renowned African American Egyptologist.

In London on Christmas Eve, Carter and Sadie accompany their dad to the British Museum, where he blows up the Rosetta Stone in summoning an Egyptian god. Unleashed, the vengeful god overpowers and entombs him, but Sadie and Carter escape.

Initially determined to rescue their father, their mission expands to include understanding their hidden magical powers as the descendants of the pharaohs and taking on the ancient forces bent on destroying mankind. (Booklist)


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